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Thread: Want: Chase BL WW/ Promo Tsarina. Have: Tons

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    Trade/Sell List

    (U.S. Only)

    Trade/Buy List.
    Open to other offers.

    Looking For:

    Full Art Black Widow Promo (Will buy for a reasonable price)
    Rare Mary Jane


    Black Widow Tsarina w/4 Dice x1
    Black Lantern Aquaman Chase x1
    Aquaman Full Art x1
    Robin Full Art x1
    Namor Full Art x1
    Storm Wind Rider Full Art x1
    Parallax Super Rare x1
    Lantern Ring Rare x1

    Age Of Ultron Expansion Set.
    (Non-Starter Cards)
    Complete Commons, Uncommons, & Rares.
    (With 4 dice for each character)

    Justice League Expansion Set.
    (Non-Starter Cards)
    Complete Commons & Uncommons.
    (With 4 Dice for each character)


    Hawkeye Promo x2
    Wonder Woman Trinity War x2
    House of Mystery Trinity War x1
    Martian Manhunter Trinity War x1
    Shazam Trinity War x1
    Pandoras Box x2
    Minsc And Boo x1
    Kitty Pryde On A Mission x1
    Wolverine Wanted x1
    Scarlet Witch Avengers Disassembled x1
    She-Hulk Avengers Disassembled x1
    Magneto Heir to the Dream x1
    Apocalypse Earth-295 x1
    Marvel Girl Humanity x2
    Sentinel Omega x2
    Deflection Action Card x1
    Takedown Action Card x3
    Collateral Damage Action Card x1

    War of Light:

    Raven Rare x1
    Scarecrow Rare x1
    Mogo Rare x1
    Atrocitus Rare x2
    Superboy Prime Rare x2

    Age of Ultron:

    Starhawk Rare x1


    Red-Eyes B. Dragon Rare x2
    La Jinn Rare x2
    The Winged Dragon of Ra Rare x1
    Mystical Elf Rare x1
    Sangan Rare x1


    Nova Rare x1
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    I have the chase WW. I'd want your Tsarina. Any interest?

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    Sorry for the late reply. (Work) Thanks for the offer, but it wouldn't work 1 for 1. I caved and bought the last one on coolstuffinc. Lol

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