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Thread: So what did I miss?

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    So what did I miss?

    Hi everyone.

    I had to back away from the game because I was getting married and my now wife had pointed out that if I could put 25% of the effort I put into DiceMasters into our wedding it would be very beneficial to our future together. So I backed all the way away. I had picked up 1 Gravity Feed of Age of Ultron and haven't touched it yet, and I still have 2+ gravity feeds from DC to open (i was poised to run drafts for my store without them needing to invest into the game too heavily and it just never got off the ground). I know many things have happened in between (I just read that Dave left the site, etc...)

    I want to be active again. I got a bunch of my friends into the game and then they faltered because I was not playing for the time being.

    So who can catch me up without needing to dig through months of forum posts?

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    Go back through the Front Page articles? That'd probably be a decent summation.

    And welcome back!

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