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Thread: Article: The Transition Zone: Confidence

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    Good article, but i would like to see 1 or 2 points more for the confidence it was like "wait what the article ends here?" But the 2 points you wrote are sharp and bring the topic out to its fullest.

    I had also some success with my Girlfriend with that in Mind, to bring the player to his confidence to do something. At first it talked too much and that was my bad, after she did her first 2 turns it went to fielding something. I teached her in the Key-Moments(when its happening) when to be patient and when grab the victory. It was only 1 game and she won. But after that she ask me: "Do i must concern about beeing new in the game?" I said "No everyone will help you out as good as they can." she said : " Good because i want to play serious to win this game!"
    Long story short: I was happy and she will play in the draft with me together.

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