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Thread: Upcoming PDC events

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    Upcoming PDC events

    Guys and Gals!

    I am looking to start prepping for upcoming PDC events around my area.

    Here's a couple teams I'm starting with. They've each won me a couple events already but I want to make sure at least one is good to go before committing a list to be "the one"

    Mauve Menace


    WOLVERINE: The Best There Is

    Kobold: Ramp
    Warth: Ramp, beater if possible.
    Catwoman: Ramp
    Gamora: Prevents attacks or acts as removal
    Troll: Recurring character
    Wolverine: Beater, secondary win con
    Anti-Monitor: Prevent the sidekick wall
    Purple Worm: Main win con, removal, huge beater

    Anger Issues: Give Wolverine or Anti-Monitor Overcrush
    Vulnerability: I'm not really sure....possible removal? Need a better suggestion.

    Event stats:
    1 x 3-0
    2 x 2-1

    Suggestions to polish it up? Trying to keep as many fists as possible to make sure I get a Purple Worm or 2 out.

    Witty Bolt-Themed Name


    Cheetah - Direct damage when she attacks
    Jade - Attacks or blocks at will. Ramp
    Wasp - Control the global game
    Fatality - Direct damage when she enters FLEX SPOT
    Bleez - Controlling opponent's action die (other rings, lantern battery etc)
    Iceman - Global
    Prof X - PXG of course!

    Magic Missle - Damage
    Enrage - Buffing

    Event stats:
    1 x 3-0
    1 x 2-1
    1 x 0-3 (my wife played with it last night - Out: Fatality / In: Spider-man: Wall crawler (Spider-man must event)

    The name of the game here is to play out some smallish dudettes until you can stick a Lantern ring. Ideally you have a couple sidekicks fielded, a lantern ring in play and 3 - 4 others characters. Move to attacks, activate Iceman turning ALL your sidekicks to bolts. (ideally at least 4-5) and swing. Voila - Lantern does it's thing and shocks the life right out of em! (my biggest lantern hit was 21 in one shot so far)

    I'm looking to maybe swap out Fatality - I almost never buy her and feel there could be a better character removal card slotted in here. Suggestions?

    What would you guys change in either team? Which do you think will give me the best chances?

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    Thoughts: How are you going to stop a Turn-3-Kill, especially if you are the 2nd player?

    I expect to see a lot of Big Entrance + Guy Gardner: Blinding Rage teams that can deal upwards of 15 damage on turn 3, possibly lethal given the right rolls. Need to have a plan in place to counter them.

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    Considering that you have some pretty decent cards for the Lantern Ring team, I'd suggest going with that one.

    Ideally you want to get a hold of some Agents of SHIELD, specifically the ones that can reroll at the start of your turn.

    It'd be nice to pick up a Gobby, but I understand there's a huge demand for them and they're quite expensive.

    Other than that, pretty much any other 2-cost bolt character. Human Torch: Playing With Fire maybe?

    I don't mind the Bleez, but the team seems more based around just rushing in as fast as possible.

    As to the Fatality, I'd suggest keeping her. You're not so much worried about utilizing removal as you are about just blasting them in the face. The more damage you can do to them as quickly as possible, the better off you'll be by mid game.

    There are certain things that can shut you down, but you easily dispose of them with Magic Missile utilizing Iceman global. Specifically watching out for Iron Fist and Captain America. If you play a Lantern Ring team, you're basically racing against the other guy. You have to do what you can before they do what they are trying to do. If you can't do enough, they'll win. So you have to just rush out as fast as possible.

    Considering you're playing Iceman, might I suggest using Big Entrance? I keep talking about it for so many teams lately because everybody keeps using a bunch of low costed units utilizing a rush strategy. It's just super good for this deck is you can manage to do something like super ramping in to a BE turn. I have a team sort of like this and I have no problem going turn 1 Agents double PxG in to turn 2 buy Big Entrance, PxG everything else away and roll all your dice. Gives you a turn 3 potential of buying plenty of things you need. Especially because you can just Iceman global, spin everything to bolts, buy all of the things.

    Anyway, Lantern Ring teams are going to be good anyway due to the fact that you can do ridiculous things with them. Especially because Iceman can make an alpha swing difficult to deal with. You might have to sacrifice a bit of damage by way of Magic Missile global, but that can be the difference between doing damage or getting shut down.

    Like I said, I'd go with the Lantern Ring team. It just seems much more polished than the other one.

    Good luck with any events you go to.

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    A couple things: Unless your PDC event is very soon, ASM will be legal. Start checking out some of the spoiler cards, like those here: The Amazing Spider-Man

    Drop Anti-Monitor. For starters, you won't see SK walls in higher-level competition, usually only in draft. The only exception would be a Gobby team, but those are rare. If you must, use Green Goblin: Rotting Goblin. Same power, half the cost.

    You need something for control. Constantine: Hellblazer would be beneficial and can be brought out early to stall some rush teams. Also consider a Captain America and/or Iron Fist to mitigate some damage. Potentially Human Paladin and/or Mera as well for their Globals.

    Not saying you need a totally defensive team, but at least a few elements of control.

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    for the bolt team maybe cyclops field leader, human torch johnny storm, or firestorm jason and ronnie

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