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Thread: Help me beat my buddy. He deserves it.

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    Help me beat my buddy. He deserves it.

    So Fun4Willis is running a new and annoying build, and there's a PDC coming up in our area. I can't think of a natural counter to his team, So I'm opening it up to the internet. It's not that his team is unbeatable, I have beaten it, but it feels like I'm just trying to out aggro him, and it is purely based on dice rolls and not on strategy.

    His Team

    Anger issues
    Iron fist - the immortal? (promo)
    Wolverine - Canucklehead This is his big combo. Hit with wolverine unblockable, ko iron fist, get wolverine back the next turn.
    Captain America - Man out of time
    Beast - genetic expert
    The yugioh knight that you pay a fist and during the attack phase your characters can't be targeted

    I don't remember the last of the list, but honestly, all he did/needed to do was buy iron fist, then buy wolverine, field both, attack with wolvie, BEWD on my turn iron fist, to get back wolvie, and then attack again. Rinse repeat. Constantine works to slow him down a turn, but thats it, prismatic spray worked ok, but his combo is more reliable then it is. Out aggroing him seemed to work best, but I don't like leaving that much to luck of the dice. Thoughts?

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    Mera with her Global to reduce the Damage you take from wolvi(it doesnt involve wolvi).

    Something different would be a Red Drago/Thousand Year Dragon Global + Millenium Puzzle Combo to prevent wolvi for attacking.

    Or use Hulk Jade Giant and Magic Missile in the main step.

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    This guy + magic missile/slifer/wasp global

    Goodnight Jim Kite

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    Quote Originally Posted by hwetzel View Post
    Common Loki from AOU or should help.
    Besides that. Build a Shut Down team. I haven't 100% put it together, but here are a few suggestions.

    Since there's PXG on the field you shouldn't have a problem getting any of these cards out quick.
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    Wasp, Jinzo, Prof X Powerful Telepath will all ruin his main strategy. Bonus is you can use his globals against him in order to get them out quicker.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IgwanaRob View Post
    Wasp, Jinzo, Prof X Powerful Telepath will all ruin his main strategy. Bonus is you can use his globals against him in order to get them out quicker.
    wasp, jinzo, and powerful telepath do ruin his strategy. Maybe clown prince of crime will really help, or distraction.

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    Your best bet is to include Mera global. Besides that something punishing him for using globals as mentioned above is best. He has a high aggro stratergy, the best way to beat that is with control. My favourite of these is the uncommon Loki - illusionist from AvX, use Hellblazer to keep Wolvie on the field, then next turn grab him up with Loki and you are the one doing the damage.

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    You can also try Invisible Stalker to counter his damage. As for Iron Fist, you need a removal character. Psylocke would be exceptional, especially if you can get rid of Iron Fist. Than you could follow up with Loki's common from AOU to remove Wolverine's unblockable status.

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