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Thread: Article: "Math hurt Hulk's head!"

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    Great article. One of the toughest aspects to deal with in a collectible game is "Am I willing to spend a crap-ton of money... to purchase one card?" Gobby, Tsarina, or a rare that fits your team well. Personally, I can't justify doing that for the few times I might get to play IRL. At home, I can just print the card if I really wanted to experiment that much. Personally, I prefer to play with legit cards/dice and just have fun that way, working with what I have. At least the option is there though.

    ...but $70+ for Gobby or Tsarina? No thanks. I'll buy a gravity feed and get a whole bunch instead. (Although as I post this, I notice Nick Fury's rare is just a tad over $10. That's not too awful.)

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    Man that sounds like one crazy awesome match. I wish they had video taped it. I kinda wanna see how it went. Your faces must have been priceless.

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    Hey it's Joe here, that was the most enjoyable match I had that weekend too.

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    The Hulk math in me and Dave's Top 8 game was intense, Dave definitely won the Hulk battle but I was just barely able to sneak out the win. Super intense and very close match, tons of fun.

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