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Thread: Spider-Man Only Team (1Rare)

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    Spider-Man Only Team (1Rare)

    This Team is my understanding of a good meta for people that doenst have a Super Rare or all Rares. 1 Rare is enough, not so much ramp here but it isnt needed against other teams. It brings enough firepower for the early, mid and late game.

    Also some Cards like Hobgoblin and Slander BAC for different tricky characters.
    I dont know if Scarlet Spider is needed if Slander is on the Team, but then i would switch Scarlet Spider for Black Cat Common or something else.;3x27asm

    What do you guys think?

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    Looks fine to me. The six cost could be a pain, but not impossible. I like it.

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    Your Hobgoblin rare slot is a complete waste. You're only running two characters and they're both 5-costs. You're almost never going to have the energy to pay for his effect even if you do go far enough out of your way to purchase him to begin with. Instead, go with his common version to make good use of your White Tiger sidekicks by turning them into life-gain. You don't need to rely on rolling specific energy and this gives you an extra way to thin your field to allow for Underdog plays while keeping you somewhat safer from your own Betrayal.

    Speaking of life-gain, Blade is pretty terrible. He has an inconsistent ability and terrible stats. If you're going all the way as to buy a 6-cost character, you want it to make an impact. To that end, go with Mysterio - Francis Klum. Despite his poor stats, he gives you a way to keep your Sable/Vulture combo going by pulling them out of your used pile. He does this at the cost of sacrificing a sidekick, but with the White Tiger global, that's a small price to pay, especially when you're guaranteed 6+ unblockable damage.

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