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    Help with Forum

    Okay so I'm new to the forum (hello!) and can't figure out how to get myself an avatar. I've got a profile picture, but my only option for an avatar is "do not use an avatar" and I can't figure out how to upload/choose one.

    Help please?

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    Thanks for altering us of that. It should be fixed now. Please let me know if you still have trouble!

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    I was wondering about this too. I incorrectly assumed this was just restricted from general users.

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    Not intentionally! Have fun with your avatars, everybody, and I'm glad to see you were able to change yours, fun4willis. That confirms I fixed the problem correctly.

    In the forum area, eventually the avatars are going to look more like Dice Masters dice. You'll notice the rounded corners and shading are already there as well as the burst indicating if you're online or not. The next step will be to adding numbers in the corners that will correspond to things such as how many posts you've done and how long you've been a member. Your stats will go up as you continue to use the site.

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    D'oh! I also assumed that it was only for admins!

    Namor dice, upload!

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    Nope, I am not seeing how or where to click for uploading a profile pic or choosing an avatar on here. I thought there would be some useful information on this thread to help me out in case am being thick. Nothing here.

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    64kb 100 pixels, really? It is 2015. Nothing about this is tablet/smartphone friendly guys. Think I preferred your blog.

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    Thanks for the candid feedback.

    Certainly much can be improved mobile wise. We are a small team so spending time on better mobile themes competes for development time with all the other things we are trying to roll out. I browse mostly on mobile (doing so right now) so I can sympathize. I'm doing what I can as fast as I can.

    If you're just browsing the blog or forums, hit the mobile site link in the lower left and things will be somewhat more optimized, but less full featured.

    Contrary to what you seem to be implying, the small size graphics help memory constrained mobile devices most of all. Also, small avatars are common elsewhere, on very mainstream sites, not just here. (Or are you talking about some other graphic restriction somewhere? We can raise the limits elsewhere if some bad setting is in effect.)

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    I browse the mobile version of the site on my iPhone 6 all the time, I think it's great. Higher res avatars would be nice, but it's not like they look horrible. If the current avatars keep the site speedy, it's worth the sacrifice.

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    As someone who also browses often on mobile, I'll just say I enjoyed the blog, but I'm in love with the new system.

    You've been doing a great job, Ken!

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    I enjoyed the blog more for its simplicity. Good on you guys for starting up something like this though. It's a nice addition to the community Ken. The sort of the thing the game deserves because it's a great release.



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