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Thread: My report from an eighteen player ASM draft

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    My report from an eighteen player ASM draft

    Just a Teal Deer draft recap.

    First, the setup:
    The event started at 1 PM Eastern on Saturday and ended around 6:30 PM.
    First place prize was one ASM gravity feed and Teen Titan OP cards.
    30 minute rounds.
    18 players were broken into 3 6 player draft pods.

    Next, my draft:
    I sat between two experienced draft players. Yes, I believe this makes a difference in draft.
    I passed the Super Rare Hulk so I could take the uncommon Vulture. In fact, I drafted very few (maybe one) rares.
    In the end, my team was 4 dice on UC Vulture, 1 C Silver Sable (natch), 1 C Black Widow (there were only 3 on the table so I only got the one I opened), 2 UC Spider-Girl, 3 UC Rhino, 3 C Kraven, and 1 C Black Cat.

    My games:
    1. Brand new player. After the pairings were announced, the store owner/player/judge jokingly told the guy, "I'm sorry, man, this is going to be bad." His team had some okay cards. I really liked that he had Blade and Carnage. Nice guy, I hope he enjoys the game and comes back to play again.

    2. Experienced non competitive player. That is not meant to be critical. The player plays for fun and uses cards that he wants to use. Nothing wrong with that. Anyway, so here is where my day started going wrong. I could not get characters to field. I could only keep sidekick dice in the field. I got one vulture out and missed Sable four times. 8 rolls, NO character sides. We went to turns tied at 12. On the last turn I fielded Spider-girl with Underdog and won. It felt like a loss.

    3. Novice younger player. I started to lose patience on this one. I only bought three dice. I kept fielding the same combination and making the same play. It took WAY too long for her to make a decision. We were the last game to finish. I missed on all but one of my Sable rolls.

    4. Competitive player. So now I faced the super rare Spider-girl along with Resurrection and Big Entrance. I got my first Sable roll and had Vulture in the field. Since I had a mask and he had one defender, I used the Rez global and swung for 15. After that it was just a matter of time before one of us hit our rolls. I missed Sable and Vulture, he missed his character, I missed again with Sable but got a Vulture, he fielded but had to defend. Finally, I hit on Sable and that was that.

    5. New to dice masters competitive player. Magic missile and Polymorph. This feels like cheese to me. I hate bringing Powerbolt or MM to a draft. He bought two MM dice and (as a counter) I bought the last one. This game irritated me. I thought he understood the pass priority part of the game. Apparently not. When I said "pass," he MM global to one of my side kicks and one of his side kicks. I still had characters in the field. I stopped him, told him he had to pass priority back to me and did he want to still use the MM global. He said, "yes" and I said, "then I attack." I also had two True Believer dice in reserve. He thought they "fizzled" at the end of the main step. I told him they did not and he (seemingly to me) angrily called for a judge. We made peace after the game so all's well that ends well I suppose.

    My thoughts:
    I pointed out a rule misplay on someone else's game. This is a no-no and I caught grief for it. They were new players and one player was gaining an unfair advantage. I thought I was helping.

    If you want to play Magic, then play Magic. This is a different game.

    I hate draft. Just my opinion of course. I would rather do a set constructed than draft. Drafts often force uncomfortable decisions on players. Nice SR Hulk. Are you taking that or would you like a good card? Also, draft can let a player win just by catching a card.

    Event organizers need a plan for habitually slow players. I know drafts are slower (another reason why I hate them) but player one should not take very long to make a decision by their third game. This was not just a problem during this draft or during my games.

    I went 5-0 and won the gravity feed and OP cards. I accepted the OP cards and asked the judge to distribute the GF to all the other players as evenly as possible. I took no prize packs, gave away my unused draft cards to another player, and gave my winning team to the judge (it was 4 commons and 4 uncommons anyway, right?).
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    My only question is how many experienced people you had playing (overall)? I'd think if you're using a proper Swiss system you should be getting matched up with better and better people as you go. By the 3rd game you should have been playing someone who was also 2-0, so I wouldn't think they'd be that inexperienced (unless they got really lucky in their first 2 games).

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    I feel your pain, nothing is worse than when you are trying to help another player learn the rules correctly and all they do is shut you down. I know it's annoying to do this but if you ever have an issue like that again, keep a rulebook with you and point it out to them in that. All of your ruling disputes are easily spelled out in the rulebook and it's not like they don't have access to it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DavidH View Post
    I pointed out a rule misplay on someone else's game. This is a no-no and I caught grief for it. They were new players and one player was gaining an unfair advantage. I thought I was helping.
    I don't see this as a no-no...
    especially if someone was gaining an unfair advantage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SarkhanMad View Post
    I don't see this as a no-no...
    especially if someone was gaining an unfair advantage.
    I agree. Our store if someone is new others will politely correct them if needed and TO is fine with that. He'll step in to confirm if needed.

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    They ran the event through the WES setup as Swiss. I believe over half the field were experienced Dice Masters players. The only brand new player I faced was the first player. I never lost and so never faced a player with a loss. The novice player was indeed 2-0. I would like to say she had a plan that worked for the first two games and tried to puzzle out how to change the plan against me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jwannabe View Post
    I'm jealous of the turnout you had. I've yet to have such luck.

    Most importantly, you probably helped everyone have a positive experience by giving back the GF. Classy move.
    I almost never accept the prize out from this store. They have just started doing weekly dice masters events a couple months ago. In my mind, I should not take the prizes. I want more and more players to show up for events (so far, so good). I do not want players to feel "penalized" because they are matched up with me.

    That last part does sort of sting. There is a running joke at this store about me showing up and winning. This is not true as there are several players that have beaten me at events (and won the event). I guess I should not have shown up with a Nova team that first night.

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