Hey there i am creating a Team for my Girl Friend. She wanted Females only but a strong team:


I also have Second Variant in Mind that is with "/" Beside the Card i would change:

Super Girl(C) / Mystique (UC Shapeshifter)
Wonder Girl(R)
Lyssa Drak(UC)
Jade(C) / Zatanna(C Fielded Draw a Die)
Mary Jane(C)
Pepper Potts(C)/ Raven(R)
Storm (AVX UC or 3Cost Starter / Maria Hill(UC)
Wincondition Super Girl with Overcrush and Jade are the Beatsticks and with the Help of Mary Jane they can be unblockable. Lyssa and Wonder Girl do some small damage while Mera is for Protection. Pepper Potts saves the small ones in an Attack and against Overcrush a little. Storm as Removal and some Damage.
Alternatives Mystique could be more devastating but cant combo with Mary Jane (so maybe Silver Sable Common) but Mary Jane combos nice with Wonder Girl. Raven could protect all Mask Characters from Target Abilities and maybe Maria Hill could give a nice Churn with Super Girl and Wonder Girl.
What do you say?