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Thread: Jocasta recap

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    Jocasta recap

    Since things are quiet now after yesterday's burst of WKRF postings, and there were a lot of different threads going on, I figured I'd try to summarize things here and hopefully clear up any leftover confusion (this will likely ultimately fail and lead to more confusion, but hey, a guy can try).

    HISTORICALLY - Although Jocasta is not the first to use the "The first time" wording (see: Nova: Bucket Head from AvX), her ability was much more powerful, so she quickly became very popular. Thus there were many questions surrounding how everything all worked out, and WizKids even stepped in at one point to clarify that Jocasta was not "redirecting" the damage, like Nova, but that she was effectively absorbing the damage and then dealing it back, making it a character ability that could then be reduced by things like the Human Paladin global (

    However, this did not speak to whether or not the ability was more of a "while active" ability, implying that it was at a character level, or if it was more "self-referential", meaning that the ability was at the character die level. Looking at the ruling in the self-referential thread (, they referred to an example of Beast: Mutate #666's ability triggering multiple times by saying the following:

    "The ability is self-referential. "When Beast blocks..." means "When this die blocks..." and so on."

    This was then applied by many to Jocasta, such that we could restate her ability as follows:

    "The first time each turn Jocasta would be dealt damage" means "The first time each turn *this die* would be dealt damage."

    NOW - yesterday, WizKids correct the "intent" behind this card. They clarified that the "the first time" wording was intended to work at the character level, not the character dice level. Once any instance (die) of Jocasta was damaged, any further damage to any other instances would not trigger the ability. If multiple copies of Jocasta were all damaged simultaneously, such as during the Attack Step or by an AoE effect like Mjolnir, the player owning Jocasta would then choose the order in which they wanted to resolve Jocasta's abilities. Thus the example from the ruling - if an 8A Wolverine and a 1A sidekick were each blocked by a Jocasta die, the Jocasta player would get to choose with ability to resolve first, and would probably choose the instance blocking Wolverine such that the 8A was sent back to damage the opponent and the 1A was applied to the Jocasta die blocking the sidekick.

    I think that covers everything Jocasta-wise? From a broader perspective, it seems WizKids are specifically calling out the "first time" wording as working at the character level, differentiating it from other "self-referential" examples like Beast. It seems one could then reasonably conclude that the same logic would apply to Nova: Bucket Head, and probably Vampires and Luke Cage: Hero for Hire as well.

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    I hope it doesn't affect Vampires the say way. I had wrestled with that one and read its card over and over and finally concluded that it was per die. Unfortunately it would make the most sense based on the current Jocasta ruling (granted I never attacked with more than one vampire at a time anyways).

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