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Thread: Vibe Paco and Parallax Global

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    Vibe Paco and Parallax Global

    One of our league members has a question that is making me scratch my head a bit. Vibe Paco states:
    While Vibe is active, whenever you roll (double bolt) and do not reroll, deal 1 damage to all characters and opposing players.
    The Parallax global reads:
    Use (1). Reroll any number of dice before your attack step.

    He's wondering about Vibe's interaction with the Parallax global. If in the Roll & Reroll step you decide not to reroll the double bolt character(s), that would trigger Vibe's ability. Would the double-bolt die then be unable to be targeted for the Parallax global in Main Step? Also, if you use Parallax on a turn and re-roll a bolt character from the field, would Vibe's ability trigger if that character comes up double bolts? When exactly does Vibe fire? My instincts say that the intent is whenever you roll double bolts and have a choice to reroll that die, you can instead choose to have Vibe's ability deal damage (so at the end of the Roll & Reroll step). That would seem to indicate that you can then target the double bolt die with Parallax even after triggering Vibe in the Roll & Reroll Step. On the second question, though, I'm thinking that when you "reroll" via Parallax (or by extension when you use Relaxing or Nasty Plot or other "draw and roll" abilities), that a roll of double bolt faces would not trigger Vibe since there's no opportunity to decide to deal damage with his ability instead of reroll. I can't find anything official to back me up in these thoughts, though, and could be completely wrong. What do our experts here think? Thanks as always to the community for help!

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    If I was going to take a guess because the wording is confusing on this one, I think it either means if you roll double bolt, the restriction that turn is you're not allowed to reroll that die specifically since you did the damage already, OR the text "and do not reroll" only applies to the roll and reroll step, and with parallax you could keep rerolling, but the balance on that is that vibe himself would die eventually since it does damage to each die. This is probably one that would be good to ask wizkids because we aren't sure if the ability puts a stipulation on the character that says that you can't reroll double bolt faces if you already triggered vines ability with that die.

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    I think this ruling on Manticore applies. You would check the ability at the end of the Roll and Reroll step and also when you roll with something like Parallax global.
    In this thread it was suggested that you could use one of the bolts on a double bolt to reroll that die again with to Parallax global, as long as you roll at least one double you can keep rolling Fear. Some of the old rule books denied rerolling a half spent die, but it's not in the current ASM rulebook.

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    Turns out they meant to put not rerolling partially spent dice in the rule book but they forgot, and we'll see it in new rule books.

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    At least they admitted it, kinda sad they kept meaning to put it in there and kept forgetting.

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