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Thread: ASM "Sacrifice" team

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    ASM "Sacrifice" team

    I am fairly new to the game, and I think there should be some good synergy based upon the "Sacrifice" mechanic. I tried this team last night (;3x31asm )
    and it just wasn't quite working.

    Please let me know what you think could improve it. I'm trying to stay to just the ASM set if possible for this team.

    Strategy is to get out Green Goblin and Silver Sable first, followed by Vulture and Lizard. White Tiger creates the sacrifice when needed to trigger many of the effects.

    Thanks for the input/ help!!

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    Doesn't seem like the payoff is quite there. Making Lizard unblockable is ok, but 2/3 faces just die to every direct damage effect there is. Vulture gets beat by Mera and suddenly you've lost your team depending on how all in you went. Also I'm not sure exactly how the rules work for sacking in DM yet, but I know in Magic you can only pay one cost of trigger one sack effect per sacked character. So for instance sacrificing Silver Sable to make a dude unblockable will not then allow you to field Green Goblin for free but would still trigger Vulture.

    I haven't spent a lot of time on ASM yet, but once I'm home I'll dig in a little deeper. I think if you took advantage of more "when a die leaves the field" effects it could be worth it.

    Moving out of ASM would also find you more synergy as well...

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    Here's a good combo:

    Silver Sable: Hero For Hire
    Maria Hill: Avengers Liason
    Supergirl: Angry Alien

    Sacrifice Sable to make Maria Hill unblockable and attack with her and Supergirl (Overcrush) for them to go into Prep.

    Edit: I didn't read you wanted to stick to ASM mainly. Take out Mysterio and replace him with Kraven The Hunter: Sergei Kravenoff. Mysterio is too expensive to be practical and his Global isn't that great since it also helps your opponent. Kraven has a consistent 5A across the board, so no matter what Level you role he'll be an unblockable 8A.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zehnarm View Post
    CMIIW, overcrush damages don't make your die to the used pile. They stay in the field after damage calculation instead go to the used pile.

    It means that you may not move maria hill to prep area, because supergirl aren't send to used pile .
    Supergirl needs to do at least 1 damage to the opponent for the Maria combo to work or are you telling me they changed the rules to Overcrush and how after a character deals damage to an opponent they go straight to Used?

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    Quote Originally Posted by vonVile View Post
    Supergirl needs to do at least 1 damage to the opponent for the Maria combo to work or are you telling me they changed the rules to Overcrush and how after a character deals damage to an opponent they go straight to Used?
    The trigger for going to Used is being unblocked, not dealing damage. I can have a unblocked Sidekick with a -1A penalty do 0 damage and go to Used. Conversely, if I am blocked and deal Overcrush damage to the opponent, as long as I'm not KO'd I return to the Field.

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    Show me this blocked Overcrush attack that deals the opponent damage and that character still says in the Field rule. That doesn't make any sense, since any time a character deals the opponent damage from an attack they must immediately go into Used.

    I can understand the combo not working if my opponent blocks all damage and the Overcrush character isn't KO'd stays in the Field, but you're stating the combo doesn't work in any form. Point out where you say I'm wrong.

    - Sacrifice Sable to make Maria unblockable.
    - Attack with both Maria and Supergirl.
    - Both do damage to opponent.
    - Maria and Supergirl are assigned to go to Used.
    - Maria's ability goes into effect causing her and Supergirl to go into Prep.

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    ASM rulebook, page 16:
    Unblocked characters are moved Out of Play after dealing damage, before any other effects resolve other than those that would replace damage. They’ll go to the Used Pile during Cleanup.
    Characters that blocked or were blocked but not KO’d return to the Field Zone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LARedWolf995 View Post
    Would I be allowed to sack multiple characters simultaneously for one ability i.e. Sergei kravenoff
    His ability is a "when fielded" effect. "Triggered" abilities like that only happen once per trigger. You could field multiple Kravens and each could sacrifice a die, but each one would only get the +3A from the die they sacrificed (your first one wouldn't get a bonus from a second die's sacrifice).

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