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Thread: Playing betrayal.

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    Maybe I would go to abuse the White Tiger and Betrayal effects:

    Kobold,Greater Humanoid
    Simply, to supply the White Tiger's global

    Green Goblin, "Gobby"
    Anti-Monitor, Warp Reality

    Ping 'em to harrash more without kill their sidekicks

    Harley Quinn, Psychopathic Psychiatrist
    Wonder Girl, Barbed Lasso

    To make your opponent hold their attacks and skills against your sidekicks, it will drain your opponent's Life Point more quickly

    Red Dragon
    Damage dealer and discount the betrayal BAC's cost. With Breath Weapon, it will swipe opponent's sidekick with single skill.

    Whenever you success kill your opponent's sidekicks, raise your life point with the global.. Yes, your opponent may use this against you, but who cares? You would drain LP faster than your opponent.

    Honorable Mentions:

    Ice Man, Too Cool for Words
    His skills is very cool, transform any of your sidekicks into bolt. But, I hate when the opponent takes an advantages by using this global

    Pepper Pots
    It will strengthen your sidekick during attack step. But, I want my sidekick die easily so it against the main themes.

    I hate to say that BEWD's skill is more inferior against Red Dragon. To abuse Betrayal's huge cost, I would prefer go with Red Dragon
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    I used it in a sealed format and it did work! I drafted D&D (player's choice on what set you used) Common Elf Wizard allowed me to keep cycling Betrayals over and over.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gkpon66 View Post
    I like that, I will probably borrow that.
    Go for it.

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    I'm afraid Blink - exile only works for action die like the new Lantern Rings and Lanter Battery. Betrayal just gets spent.

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