Some background before we get into the meat of this post:

Our weekly Thursday night events are run in a very casual manner. Everyone who participates receives a certain number of packs regardless of performance, and you are really only playing for about 3-5 bonus packs on top of that, as well as a top prize OP card. I had some demand from the players and the store owner to run additional events, so I've set up bi-weekly events on Sundays with a much more competitive element. This allows people to come play with their big bad Tsarinas/gobbys/whatevers while being able to keep the casual hangout nights (Thursdays) what they are supposed to be (a place to experiment in a relaxed environment with less "meta" strategies and learn from how they interact). I'm going to be posting the results here on TRP for people to see and think about. Games were decided after a best of 3.

Team sheets were required for this event, and the winners took home 12 and 8 packs respectively, with some top prize OP cards. As this was the first time we ran the event, and there was rather short notice, two things happened to keep things simple so we could go through the motions and be prepared for the next event:

- Turnout was relatively low. People had work or other engagements that they were not able to cancel, so we ran with 5 players. The expected turnout for the next event is looking to be around 8-12, more in line with the Thursday nights, but possibly larger.

- Lantern Ring: Limited only by Imagination was banned from this event. Why? As I explained above, for the first time running a Sunday event, we had to make sure everything went smoothly so the store could close on time. Like it or not, the card is a shark tank of potential arguments and interpretations, and so it was easier to ban it for the trial run rather than have someone new show up and start a "30 damage vs 1 damage" type of argument. It will however, be legal for the next event, and will be ruled the same way it was at the last regional event.

Sorry mobile users, I'm going to be posting this all in links to the teams on retrobox. Unfortunately, don't have the time to type it all out with forum codes and pictures.







Round 1

Kevin vs Mike
Eric vs Roxanne
Amber has the Bye

I don't play in these events because I'm the only one there responsible for rulings, but in bye situations, I will play a casual game or two against the bye player. Amber just started playing (her husband played before and had a full AVX set, hence the gobby/tsarinas) and I played my Black Lantern Team against her. While we played, I walked her through my turns and showed her how to beat me so she could be prepared for the upcoming rounds. (Spoilers, it worked)

Kevin defeated Mike & Eric defeated Roxanne.

Round 2

Amber vs Eric
Mike vs Roxanne
Kevin has the Bye

Played against Wolverine with my Black Lantern team. I'll just go on the record and say that under normal circumstances, that game is difficult to win. A match would be basically impossible. Sorry Black Lanterns, you just die to prismatic spray.

Amber defeated Eric & Mike defeated Roxanne

Round 3

Kevin vs Amber
Eric vs Mike
Roxanne has the Bye

Black Lanterns beat dragons somehow! Yay! (BL Wonder Woman + BL Aquaman working together to unpurchase a Red Dragon is super satisfying)

Oh yeah, and Kevin beat Amber, Eric beat Mike.

Final results:

1. Kevin
2. Eric
3. Amber
4. Mike
5. Roxanne

I just want to say thank you to everyone who came out to play for the trial event, and I know that the future Sunday events will be even bigger and better!