Last week was a rainbow draft, so this is the continuation of my attempt to try something new every Thursday night. Since I managed to get my hands on most of the new Zombies from ASM (and was able to borrow Venom), I thought I would do something with the Zombies. Here`s what the team looked like:

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So I`m both very happy and very sad when it comes to this team. It performed properly once, and man did it ever perform, but the other 2 games I played I was unable to see very many character faces at all. Plenty of energy and ramp, but nothing on the board. Parallax might find a space in here in the future to fix this problem. At the very least, I can say that this team is a lot of fun to play, and I`ll definitely be revisiting it once I can get my own copy of Venom.

So here`s the rundown. You want to be ramping, and your first two turns are generally spent buying Aunt May and Monster Reborn. Turn 3 you want to buy a big zombie and potentially even field it for free with reborn, or at the very least throw it into the bag. Follow up turns you want to grab some Mary Jane dice and more zombies. In case you haven`t seen it yet, the win condition here is simple. Give overcrush to Venom/Gladiator and use them to hit your opponent for big damage. Venom has a great ability that can force a character to block, and combos well with overcrush. Gladiator can get pumped by +4/+4 if you have MJ and Venom fielded, so he can hit between 7 and 11 attack, and will hurt if he is blocked or unblocked.

Magneto locks down opposing teams while you setup and Goblin punishes sidekick walls and ally characters. PXG is ramp and Aunt May has a great aftershock effect that can return your zombies to play. With Zombie Magneto, this can force your opponent into some tough spots. BEWD is the real star here though. Not only does he ramp, re-use MJ's when fielded effect and discount characters, he can also be used with MJ for huge damage. I ended up buying him twice and pumping him to massive attack levels with his own ability, while giving him overcrush with MJ. He is definitely a threat, and a late game buy if Gladiator/Venom aren't quite enough.

Monster reborn is a little known BAC that provides the same effect as Transfer power, but without the global that can easily be used against you. True believer is a great combo with MJ, because that extra +2/+1 can help break walls or pump unblocked gladiators to lethal.

Any suggestions or comments? Feel free to let me know! This is the last strategy post for this month before I do my next retrospective on my blog and start preparing for December. Looking forward to playing even more! Also, if you have any ideas about things I should play in the future, let me know, and I might build around them.