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Thread: A little help with my mask team please

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    A little help with my mask team please

    alright, so this is the team im running currently I would love some input from you folks, it does really well but I feel like it lacks a solid win condition so here is what Im running

    Distraction (for the global)
    Polymorph (this is changeable)

    Morphing Jar :Canopic Jar x4
    Psylock : Kwannon x3
    Mister Fantastic : Brilliant Scientist x3 (cheap big blocker)
    Storm: Goddess of the plains x3 (board whipe, then pull her back with distraction)
    Raven:Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos! x2 (so they cant target my guys with distraction or anything else)
    Professor x: recruiting young mutants x1 (global)
    Paralax :Source of terror x2 (ability and global are helpful)
    Loki: Gem Keeper x2

    any ideas or suggestions would be amazing, I have pretty much everything thats not super rare thanks!

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    I run a mask deck that is very similar, but I like to run lyssa drak future sight in the 3 spot. She is a beast in control decks and sneaking in 2 damage here and there (it adds up fast). I also run the storm wind rider for more damage and control.

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    If you are running Mr Fantastic and Raven, I see no reason not to use Beast 666. Force to attack, block with multiple beasts, draw dice. The Raven just makes your Beasts immune to Mr F's global.

    I too second Uncommon Lyssa Drak paired with Loki can be crippling. Storm wind rider is always amazing.

    Also if you intend to go completely mask, may I suggest using at least one basic action that you are still happy to buy if you don't roll any masks.

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    When playing any single energy type you can always consider Lantern Ring rare for a kill condition, you have parallax already to turn fielded morphing jars/cheap mask characters into juicy masks for it as needed:

    As for ASM:

    Mary Jane - MJ (R) + Venom - Staggering Symbiote (SR) is a neat combo if you have access to it. Supported with Giant Man - Dr. Henry Pym (c) to have more beaters and dice to give overcrush to. You can even use the new BAC Back for Seconds to guarantee those level 3 7/7 faces, you just need to have the underdog stipulation.

    And from the starter:

    Carnage - Sinister is a mask beatstick with its own overcrush that shouldn't be forgotten.

    And the WoL Starter:


    These are awesome midrange beaters with neat abilities and a useful global, despite being a little heavy on the fielding cost side.

    Zombie Gladiator from AoU, if you have the SR, while a bolt character himself will have great synergy with an all mask team due to his ability, combo it with MJ

    That's all I can think of for now for kill condition ideas for masks, good luck with your team building!

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