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Thread: Ramp and Churn

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    Ramp and Churn

    I have been trying to get away from using PXG but when I look for other ramp and churn options I only see a few. What do you guys use for ramp? What do you use for churn? The problem with pxg is that it does both, so finding a replacement is proving to be difficult.

    I have used for ramp although killing them is easy so clogging your bag becomes easy as well.
    is the other thing I can think of. It can ramp and churn so I think it is better than kobolds.

    So what other options are there for ramping (rolling more than 4 dice per turn) and churning (getting sk dice out of your bag so you get to the better dice)?

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    In War of Light there are three I use quite a bit.

    Lex Luthor - Greed
    "Draw an extra die during the draw and roll step if you have more life than your opponents"

    I like this guy in aggressive builds. Maybe not the first purchases you make. But with Cheetah or lyssa Drak you can buy this after and apply more pressure as you roll more dice.

    Jade - Daughter of the Golden Age
    "When a green lantern character attacks add draw one die to your prep"

    I have been using this with Guy Gardener who counts as a Green Lantern on the field. I like them as a cheap pair.

    Warth - Brother
    "While the only active lantern character, KO him at end of turn and draw a die to prep"

    It might tax you one energy every turn, similarly to how resurrection global taxes you every turn. But more versatile than that it has a 5/4 stat at level 3 and you can ramp to two fist energy instead.

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    I'm going to preface this by saying that it's entirely possible that this is going to make me sound salty as ****. I swear I'm not.

    So, we're openly admitting that Kobold swarm and PxG are the best forms of churn/ramp in the game, correct? How do we counter such strategies?

    As you've said, Kobold can be killed pretty easily. The only problem with this is that Kobold is pretty much one of the ultimate blockers in the game. Not only can it chump block, but by having it die you're still kinda getting the Swarm ability out of it because you get to roll it again the next turn. So even if they Magic Missile it or something, it still gets to come back. So how do we stop it? The answer is that you don't. You keep killing them and just hope that eventually they get **** rolls and only end up with energy faces so they can't keep doing this over and over again. Not a whole lot you can actually do in the situation. Only plus side to knocking them out is that they don't actually get the swarm ability. Which they usually want so they can have a higher chance of drawing what they want from the bag.

    Solution? Something like Magic Missile by itself or with something like Hulk - Green Goliath to keep them from getting the Swarm out of it. Keeping them out of play means that eventually you'll get them to roll energy faces and can take advantage of that.

    On to PxG. Let me just start out by making a comparison to Magic. In the competitive Magic scene, do you know what happens when a card gets used in so many decks? Wizards decides to take a look at it. If they deem it to be too powerful, then they'll ban it. While I think that PxG is stupidly good since it's pretty much the only card of it's kind, I don't think it's OP. And it's the same argument that WizKids would use it they ever felt like taking the time to talk to their players; The global. If you don't have PxG on your team you can still utilize the enemy's PxG. So neither of you are inherently at a disadvantage. If anything if makes the game better for you because of the fact that you don't have to have it in your team to utilize it. The downside? I honestly couldn't tell you. If you go second then you'll be at a huge disadvantage because of the fact that they could potentially be rolling all of the dice in their bag? Maybe a little strong, yeah? Not much else to say about this guy now. He's stupid strong and there's honestly not much of a reason to NOT use him.

    Solution? Either play him or play Prismatic Spray - Lesser Spell. I think that's the one. I always get confused by all the titles they have. Prismatic Spray as an early purchase can really shut them down by way of forcing them to show their hand. If they don't PxG on their turn and you manage to Spray them? They now have a bunch of Masks/?s that they can't use on it and their ramp is gone. All that energy wasted. On the other hand, they can still PxG on their own turn to at least get the ramp out of it, but then you'll know what they're planning on doing with any of the remaining energy they have because you're planning on Spraying them. It's just a huge advantage to have PxG in the game, and unless I'm wrong Prismatic Spray is the only card in the game that can stop him from doing anything.

    Other than those, it really depends on what you plan on doing. Resurrection global is good for a bit of ramp. Beast - Mutate #666 is good as well cause he's got a decent sized booty and even if he gets KO'd you get to roll him again. He's really good at stalling out games. I run an actions based deck that utilizes the Batman global of 'Global: Use [1 Energy]. The first time you play a Basic Action this turn, draw one die and add it to your Prep Area.' Which helps a bit. Silver Surfer - Sentinel can help if you REALLY need the draw. He hurts, but he helps a lot. Any of the three works well enough, honestly. All of the Dark Magicians have pretty decent dice drawing. I think the rare is just strictly better. Um....Zatanna - Zatara is pretty decent at drawing dice.

    Basically what it comes down to is this; There are plenty of cards out there that will draw you dice. There is nothing even close to the level of efficiency that Kobold and PxG give you.

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    I have done the math, PXG is the best form of ramp period...but can only leave you with a single big hitter. Kobolds, aren't as fast, but provide a steady ramp/churn that PXG can't throughout the entire game. They encourage you to use your energy or attack and PXG makes you save 1 or 2 masks (so in realty you have less energy each turn with PXG). Red Tornado works as a great churn option but makes you run the risk of rolling all character dice with no fielding energy. Kobolds + Red Tornado is amazing! As the Kobold dice cover the short comings of the Red Tornado (but requires 2 spots).

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