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Thread: All those Zombie SR cards

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    All those Zombie SR cards

    I was thinking, it was a shame that WK didnt do something specific on Blade in ASM for like a +A/+D against all the Zombie type cards. ok he's a vampire hunter, and I dont know if Marvel even have a 'zombie hunter' type character, but Blade would have been a nice card to have an addendum of +2A against Zombie types..

    I wonder if there is an overarching plan for all these Zombie SR cards every set has.. or if there will be any specific counter cards..

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    The zombies themselves are all a specific type of "counter card" for the most part (thinking about Gladiator which is more of an attacker), and none of them are even close to "overpowered" status.

    I highly doubt Wizkids is planning new cards based on countering the existing zombie SR cards, as they are only a max 1 die type of card, so it's not like you really need specific characters to get attack boosts against them or anything

    also, zombies definitely aren't vampires, as Morbius is a zombie version OF a vampire, and in the Marvel Comics (as opposed to the Black Lanterns in DC which are an actual "thing"), the zombies have a "z-virus," and from what I remember there wasn't any specific zombie hunter

    I also, like I said, just don't think they're exactly the type of card/die that a +attack type of power is really the best way to deal with them.

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    The only reason I'd like it is because there are several cards in WoL that give specific bonuses against Black Lanterns (which are also single-die cards). It'd be nice to have at least one or two "anti-Zombie" cards for theme.

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