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Thread: Vassal Locks Up

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    Vassal Locks Up

    At very unpredictable intervals, the Vassal screen locks up. When I try to move a die, it goes into shadow and remains there, locking up the program. I cannot move other dice or highlight cards, or anything. This state sometimes lasts for just a few seconds, it can be 20 minutes or more before it freezes up. Then the die is shown in overlarge image, and the program will work normally, until of course the program locks up again.
    Has anyone else experienced this? Are there any suggestions for mitigating the issue? I am limited to playing solitaire because I wouldn't be able to tell my partner that my screen has locked up and that would be annoying at the other end. They might even think I'm on a table - flipping funk if the situation might support that idea.
    Thank you! Michael Phebus (colwarden)

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    Hey Michael what version of Vassal are you using and what is the installed version of Java on your computer?

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