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Thread: Villain Team - Need Wincondition

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    Villain Team - Need Wincondition

    Hey i gave a shot for a Villain Only Team but somehow i am missing my Wincondition. What could i replace and bring in some Damage?

    Second Question, is there a way for Villains to avoid Direct Damage like Human Paladin Global or Captain America?

    This is my Backbone. Slowing down the enemy with Lyssadrak and Blackmanta for some Damage if they try to KO something.
    Pyro is a good beatstick and i can decide to do some damage with 2 Bolts or KO something if needed.

    But maybe i need something than that i can field.

    would Fatality a good combo in this?

    Second Row:
    Here i am missing my Win Condition.


    Cheetah is always good, some damage, sent her in every turn and hope she gets KOd for even more Damage or she will end up in the used pile if nothing else happens.

    I am not sure how good Venom could work for me in this team or to replace him with something faster and better?

    How about Sinestro instead? Three Version i really like about him.

    the JL can be good but against a Villain only team it can backfire. The other two from WOL , the while active is good replacement for Venom but also i could just add the 4 Cost for another Beatstick.

    Are there other good combinations out there?

    I think i going to a team that deals good direct damage, but is that fast enough to win?

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    Must have:

    Fatality, Mr. Sinister and Black Manta is your win condition. Field Fatality activating her ability to deal 3 direct damage. Use the in Reserve on Mr. Sinister's Global (if she's still alive attack with her) to KO Fatality for 1 more damage. Repeat.

    Cheetah is perfect to help get Fatality's ability to go off, but I also suggest using:

    to get Cheetah out ASAP.

    You might also consider:

    with Pandora's Box. Use Pandora's Box's Global on target opponent character. Lex Luthor will help activate the Global.

    As for blocking direct damage. The only Villain that comes close is:

    One question I do have about the way his card is written is "If my opponent uses my Globals does that make those Globals become opposing?"

    If you want to be a major pain use:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    He's way better than Venom and Red Skull can be combo'd with:
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    You need removal to stop Captain America or Iron Fist.

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    First off , i dont own BEWD, who does here? Second it is Villains only so no Mera or Human Paladin.
    Third: Sinestro does save Character Dice that are villains nothing more, not Direct Damage. Also i dont see how Pandoras Box global helps except for Sidekicks.

    Catwoman indeed could be useful.

    Instead of BEWD i have Mister Sinister there, but to KO Grundy is not so easy and Red Skull would make it even harder to pull off, but i will consider him.

    The Thing with spectre is i only need one Bolt for a KO Sidekick that i could turn into a villain. BUt that means i also need 2 Energy for it.

    What are good removals except Grundy since he has 3/4/5 defense?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nemesis View Post
    The thing with BEWD is you never have to buy or field it to KO a character and its useable more than once in a turn
    I think he's trying to stick to villains otherwise BEWD is the obvious choice.

    EDIT: I have a BEWD, so... me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ressless View Post
    Also i dont see how Pandoras Box global helps except for Sidekicks.
    It works on more than just Sidekicks. Turn any die into a villian and then use Catwoman to KO it. That's an easy 1 direct damage via Black Manta. Then attack with her to get her KO'd.
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    On my Retaliation Villain team, I really enjoyed using rare Spider-Woman from AoU. Turn her in to a villain, then field another villain so her Teamwatch ability triggers, she KOs opposing characters, you gain life, and trigger Retaliation.

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