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Thread: differences of combat damage and damage from character abilities

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    Combat Damage is from the Die's attacking stat (boosts included). Overcrush, though an ability, is considered combat damage.

    Ability Damage is when characters cause damage during the main step, when assigned to attack, or when blocked or blocking. This type of damage is typically a set amount and doesn't sway.

    For example, has an ability that he deals his Attack to a character when fielded. This damage is Ability Damage. When I assign his die to attack, any damage it deals (blocker or opponent) will be combat damage.

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    What about Cable "Time Traveler"?
    When Cable is blocked, you may pay "bolt bolt" to have him damage your opponent (instead of his blockers) as though he were not blocked.
    By paying two bolts, I'm using his this would still be "ability damage"...correct?

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    This ability doesn't generate any damage. It modifies the way Cable would deal his damage.

    The way I look at Ability Damage versus Combat Damage is this:

    -Ability Damage is any damage generated by an character's ability

    -Combat Damage is the damage generated by a character's A stat during the damage assignment and resolution phases of the attack step.

    As such, things like Obelisk would deal their Combat damage to those that block them, and then generate new damage with an ability to the p layer.

    Sometimes an ability can modify the way damage works, or its quantity, but those abilities aren't generating the damage themselves they are simply modifying the damage generated by a characters A stat. Your example of Cable, along with Overcrush and the Hawkeye and Cheetah that resolve their combat damage first, are all examples of Combat damage being modified by an ability. On the other hand, Loki Illusionist, Gambit Cardsharp and Obelisk do damage, based on a character's A stat, but they do it with an ability that generates that damage on its own, not through the attack step.

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    Lets Just be CLEAR HERE, the Definitions for Combat and Ability Damage from Wizkids themselves:

    Combat Damage: From The Age of Ultron RuleBook:
    Combat Damage: The damage a character die deals during the Attack Step as a result of attacking or blocking. (MDM3)

    Ability Damage: Wizkids Forum: General Rulings 9/30/2015 -
    Future rulebooks will define Ability Damage as follows:
    “Ability Damage: Damage from a character that isn’t combat damage.”

    Now I already believe that 98% of people are playing this wrong based on the wording of Both of these. You should apply the test of the Combat damage first and if it doesn't fit then it is ability damage. It is generally accepted that Combat damage is only when applying dice's A/D stats to the Opponent or Other dice.

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