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Thread: Linux and Vassal

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    Linux and Vassal

    Due to a job transition I no longer have access to Windows Vassal and am trying to get the Linux version to work.
    From what I can tell you have to execute a text file, but apparently you have to modify it. Here are the pertinent lines from the text file:

    # Find where VASSAL is installed, dereferencing symlinks
    INSTALL_DIR=$(cd "$(dirname "$0")"; pwd)

    I have found where my VASSAL is located, but I cannot decipher the how I'm supposed to translate "dereferencing symlinks". I've tried various incarnations to no avail. HELP!

    Thank you,


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    I would love to help you get this setup. but this isn't really enough on a forum to help. Do you have Skype or Google Hangout or FB Messenger we can chat over?

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