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Thread: Knight4612's Haves and Wants

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    Knight4612's Haves and Wants


    RDW Cable
    RDW Storm
    RDW Namor
    RDW Batman x2

    SR Black Canary JL
    SR Slifer the Sky Dragon YGO

    R Mjolnir AVX

    R Psylocke UXM
    R Apocalypse UXM
    R X-23 UXM

    R Blade Knight YGO
    R Dark Magician Girl YGO
    R Goblin Attack First YGO
    R Morphing Jar YGO
    R Saggi the Dark Clown YGO
    R Sangan YGO
    R Thousand Dragon YGO

    R Carrion Crawler BFF

    R Black Canary JL

    R Giant Man AoU
    R Kang AoU
    R Loki AoU
    R Odin AoU

    R Lyssa Drak WoL

    R Agent Venom ASM
    R Aunt May ASM
    R Vulture ASM

    OP Kitty Pryde: On a Mission

    SR Red Dragon BFF
    SR Green Goblin Gobby AVX
    SR Black Widow Tsarina AVX

    R Doctor Doom AVX
    R Nick Fury AVX

    R Professor X UXM

    R Minotaur BFF

    R Aqua Man JL

    R Mary Jane ASM

    PM for any trades. I prefer in person exchange for those who live in the Orange County area of Southern California or in the Santa Clara County area of Northern California as I visit both a lot. Would also consider paypal for trades involving SR Tsarina or Gobby. I also have an MTG Karakas, Badlands, and Plateau if someone is interested.
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