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Thread: Article: Wizkids Open 2016 Announced!

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    Don't forget the raffle for all who pre-register.

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    I'm going to the one in Rochester NY because that's where I live and the fact I barely have to drive is going to be awesome!! Does anyone know how big these events usually are?

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    Be my first time, so I am excited as well. Plus Terry McGuinness card well worth it.

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    I went to Chicago last year and it was a great experience. Last year was AVX only so the builds were all very similar, with the creativity shown at worlds and many new sets since, these WKO's should make for some great matches. The side events in the past were full rainbow drafts of UXM so this new one game format for the quick plays is interesting to me. I guess we'll have to see how it plays out and hopefully we'll have a new set coming out the week before in Fenrury to draft with.

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    How are these formated? I assume there will be swiss rounds followed by a cut. Any idea how many swiss and what the cut will be?

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