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Thread: Constantine + Ring

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    Constantine + Ring

    Does Constantine's ability imply a target? I'd argue that it is not targeting a character but I really don't know how this would be ruled.

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    I seriously doubt that Constantine's ability 'targets'. You are naming a character, not selecting a specific die.

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    It is the common rule of thumb that things that target, use the word target in their description, and that "targeting" can't be implied. Some examples of this that WK has ruled on already include Cerebro - Supercomputer and Imprisoned.

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    That's not entirely accurate, Shadowmeld.

    The rule of thumb is if the card requires you to make a set number of choices then it targets, regardless of whether it uses the word "target" or not.


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    Set number of dice though generally. Just like Cerebro - you can redirect the KO but not the card it is placed on.

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    Yes, I have since updated my opinion on the rule of thumb. Posted a thread called targeting where I get more specific.

    It is my opinion that WK could call out targeting more often and move to that rule of thumb. It would clear up a lot of confusion.

    This is how magic does it.

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