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Thread: Spin-o-rama

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    The common Black Widow is basically useless. The rare isn't Tsarina, but it's still very playable.

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    I like to run uncommon pepper Potts.
    She spins down two characters when fielded...costs nothing to field...and only costs two bolts.
    Stealth ops is another bac option as well.

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    So how does it play ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bestia View Post
    So how does it play ?
    Do your best to ramp into Vibe early then, buy up all the Pepper Potts and Black Widows. Play those and spin your opponents stuff. Playing hitting on a Pepper Potts with Vibe out will help control the board. Add a couple Black Widow spins and the Venom Glodal a couple times you're looking well ahead.

    Then get Venom and Marvel Girl out to make some attacks and beasts out to block.

    Vibe is the lynch pin though so you want to make sure you have him in the field.

    Honestly I'm not 100% on Enrage yet, hulk out might be better.

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    Everyone forgets Green Dragon.

    Damage to characters and player plus spinning down everyone. All for paying two energy.

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    4 cost. Spins characters down, gain 2 life AND prep a die? Must have for a spin team. Replaces that Toad. Green Dragon can wipe the field of side kicks.

    I'd replace enrage for Horn of the unicorn. Works with the Pepper Pott bolts and you can gain overcrush. Might work against you with distraction but its not a bad idea. I rather choose Transfer Power/Mystic box over Distraction considering you plan on using Beast. You want their characters to hit yours. With Vampire if she goes through you can transfer power one of their characters attack and hit for __.

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    Love dice manipulation teams like this. I've been wanting to put something along the line of this together. I dig it!!

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