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Thread: WKO : Detroit February 20-21

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    WKO : Detroit February 20-21

    Just wanted to open a thread for the event. If anyone has any questions about hotels, place to eat, urban spelunking, etc...

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    Quote Originally Posted by IsaacBV View Post
    We have a caravan ready to come!
    We can't wait to have the full Toledo contingent in the house!

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    Eternal is an awesome store. Went there earlier this year for Netrunner Regionals.

    Hoping I can make it!

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    Already up to 20 people for Detroit! Not even Christmas yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Basementcuts View Post
    Already up to 20 people for Detroit! Not even Christmas yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gkpon66 View Post
    So what will the itinerary be for the day/ weekend? Kind of want to know if it is worth it to come in on saturday for dice masters side events. I'm coming in for the event and not having been before I would like to see how I can fill my day/weekend. Thanks, Gary
    The basic framework is that Saturday will be the Hero Clix main event and while that is going on every time eight people for DM Signup for either a quick play or draft pod they will run. I believe those will start as early as 11am but I need to check with the store. Sunday is the DM main event and the same applies for side events as Saturday. So if after the cut there are 8 players that want to do a draft pod the store will run it. At the end of Sunday's events the points will rally and the side event prizes will be given out for the cumulative scores. Or some players may not be in the event and can just play pods.

    My hope is that since the D&D release is currently scheduled for the week after WK will do what they did last year and allow the WKO events to draft the new set a week in advance. That would be optimal as it made the WKO last year a ton of fun playing with brand new swag that no one really knew about.

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    I'm also working with a buddy of mine that plays here to get a table 1 live stream. We'll probably start practicing with that come January.

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    talked to the guys at Eternal on Tuesday, sounds like Drafts and quick plays for DM will take place Friday through Sunday. Full details with start times to come out soon. I asked that they confirm fast in case people wanted to get hotel rooms for the weekend.

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    quick poll... If there is no new product to draft (since TMNT moved back and D&D may not be out yet) are you more inclined to come in to the WKO side events and play constructed or draft, and what sets would you like to draft? Either format will be available to play, just wondering.

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    Numbers update: we are up to 31 pre-registered. One more and top four get a seat at nationals!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Randy View Post
    Registered. #32
    Juices flowing again after the Toledo PDC,Randy?

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    Update 1: We are now at 38 pre-registered. Two more and the top five will get seats at Nationals in NJ. Tell your friends, tomorrow is the last day to get a chance at the Pre-registration raffle prize.

    Update 2: With the new D&D street date (we are hearing 2/10) the store is looking into the possibility of A) rainbows of D&D 2, and B) if they can get the stock in house to support drafts. I'll update the group as soon as i hear something. With the date of the release so close to the event I wouldn't be surprised if WK decides to hold off a week and make the stock ineligible for the majority of the events since no one will have time to consume it prior to the event(but that's me speculating).

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    39 players. I more and an additional player gets a seat at nationals.

    I heard some very promising things last night regarding the WKO and product that will be available to draft at Eternal during the event. As soon as I hear an official decision about stock, and event timing I will post to let you all know. While we await confirmation of that everyone is planning to test their builds Friday and Saturday on the constructed quick plays as well right?

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    40 Players +. As of right now top five will get seats to Nationals.

    Rainbow and quick plays Friday night 7-close (TBD)
    Rainbow drafts confirmed all day Saturday 12-close of D&D FUS, ASM, WOL 12. As soon as eight sign up they will fire off.
    Quick plays all day Saturday 12-close. As soon as eight sign up they will fire off.
    Prize support remains as listed in the WKO details for side events while supplies last. The store is still trying to confirm but this may be more limited than first realized so be aware.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gkpon66 View Post
    So what you are saying is that while the regional players will get their stuff, the rainbow and quick plays might not have as much available? Ah well, still coming to get some serious play time in.
    Based on what WK has supplied the store with thus far, yes. ao far they have received enough kits to support 8 drafts and 8 quick plays. Depending on how many people show up to play they could be out of the WKO supported prizes within hours of starting for drafts and quick plays. The store is working on securing more and getting additional prize support so if that changes I'll let you all know.

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    WKO update!!!

    The store has been supplied with a ton more prize support and will now be able to accomodate drafts all weekend with official prize support.

    Side event times:
    Friday 2/19 - 7:00PM to close
    Saturday 2/20 - 10:30 AM to close
    Sunday 2/21 - 10:30 AM to close

    As soon as eight players sign up for a draft or quick play they will be seated.
    Players will get their participation, rainbow draft (if drafting), then play their matches.
    The four players from each pod that win will then get a random prize and the draft or quick play ends.$

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