Tomorrow my store is doing Little Cup, so I challenged myself to think up a new win condition and came up with this team.

The plan is to use the Wonder Wall (Wonder Woman, Zatanna and Angel) to slow down my opponent until I'm ready to drop the hammer on him with the Anti-Monitor, Feedback and Fighting combo. Then just to make sure I get the win in one blow I also attack with Black Widows and Batmans, so even if my Anti-Monitor is blocked he can't do anything to stop those two from finishing him off.

I shouldn't have too much of a problem getting both BACs out since I have Angel taking all my Sidekick die to build the Wonder Wall. When I do I have Kang to help make sure it happens.

Batman is there as a secondary win condition, since by himself even if I can't get the big combo off I don't waste a BAC. He also helps in keeping Lex Luthor's ability active if needed.