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Thread: Viability of life gain teams

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    Viability of life gain teams

    With a lot of events coming up and people focusing on guy and vulture teams, I wanted to talk about an old topic. Life gain teams have been talked about in the past though seemed not very viable at the time due to limit card selection. Now being so many sets in, does anybody find them to be viable today?

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    While I'm not active I'm still looking and so forth. I don't think so. It's still too easy to get lethal damage in one turn. There's just nothing that life gain can do to overcome that after a point as it's pretty difficult to get inevitability during that time. I don't think it will work out ever given the cap of 20 life - unless there's some janky stuff with damage reduction from stuff like HP and Mera that you combo in there, but you're leaving a lot of energy for non-advantage-bearing globals. I would guess there's jank that would do it but not T1.

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    I just love this version of Anti-Monitor more and more.

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    I think the other way around. Be risky in the beginning can cost you your game in one turn if you dont have enough energy to prevent all dangers coming at you.

    I think beeing risky at the early middle game is the key! Bring in SPider-Girl or Blade with her Underdog abilities and Red Skull for some Damage and Lifegain, get the Advantage and finish then in the next few turns with a win condition.

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    I have used Iron Man + Magic Missile, it's beautiful.

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    Iron Man can definitely be used as a stall team, but it's only viable as long as the tournament rules continue to use the timing the way that it is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barbain View Post
    Life Gain has one major problem. You can't go beyond 20 life.

    As long as is around Life Gain Teams will have a major uphill battle. Use Prismatic Spray with an Alpha strike and you lose.

    You're better off with a better control team then relying on Life Gain characters. Not saying your control team can't have one, but I'd not focus on the core of your team being life gain.
    This is a poor excuse for saying a life gain team isn't doable. Life gain teams have trouble in that to gain enough life to offset your opponents offense you leave yourself with no offense of your own. Going down to time each round is a bad plan. A lot of life gain can be done on your turn, look at unicorn ironman (with magic missile), etc these are all life you can gain on your turn and are uneffected by prismatic spray during that time. The big problem is that you can't go above 20 life not prismatic spray (which easily shuts down control teams with an alpha strike as well...)

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    I have a question about timing, If my opponent has a jade giant out and I have 3 Iron man out, does that give me only 1 life bonus each time my iron mans are hit, or does it give me one life for each Iron man?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jar_99 View Post
    I have a question about timing, If my opponent has a jade giant out and I have 3 Iron man out, does that give me only 1 life bonus each time my iron mans are hit, or does it give me one life for each Iron man?
    Jade Giant would just knock out one of the Iron Man without a proc . If its Green Goliath and he's hit hitting all three Iron Man, it would count for 1 health from each three total. On burst its six.

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    Life gain is perfectly fine in a casual team, but for tournaments you're delaying the inevitable. Until they have a way to gain life that is easily splashable without making a whole team around it Life gain is not good enough. In MTG life gain can only be viable if you can start getting ahead of the damage and start increasing your life past the point where they can kill you in one alpha. Unless they change the rule of going above 20, life gain will not beat other strategies.

    EDIT: Unless they make a card that procs increased attack on life gain.

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    The other way life gain is good in Magic is if its incidental life gain and you're playing the card for some other reason. Either way I don't think Dice Masters really has that, and with having a hard cap on life it's just too easy to build a lethal board state through life gain.

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    I think life gain would get better if there was a set of cards that did X when you gained life. Like... "when ~ is active, whenever you gain life, field a sidekick from your used pile."

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    If only Blade didn't cost 6.

    Also welcome back @VastSpartan .

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    Didnt think anyone would remember

    Anyway, 6 cost yeah but you get that nice damage and some life. Pretty good

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