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Thread: Constantine Control

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    Constantine Control

    Playing with Constantine + Blue Eyes + Kwannon is lockdown.

    Field Psylocke, use her ability to take what you locked down from Constantine, sac her to BEWD to pay for stuff.

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    I love this. Love it. Why isn't there a Constantine available on ebay!?

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    I didn't pull one. I proxied it and am testing. It's solid.

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    I did some testing with a print off of Constantine recently. He's the real deal. Besides all the other perks, he's a solid blocker against Tsarina.

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    Good work, folks! I wouldn't mind testing this some time myself. Could be a beeeast.

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    Now I'm wondering what Constantine/Psylocke/Gem Keeper + PXG/BEWD would look like. That way it could deal with multiple threats. Without playtesting it or anything, my gut says that might be too large a commitment to control without a real win condition.

    I almost hate to say it, but it may need Gobby.

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    I plan on getting multiple gravity feeds until I get John. Once I seen him previewed in the GTM a few months ago I knew I needed him for my Iceman aggro/control team. He is going to replace my common Falcon.

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