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Thread: Multiple questions- viscous struggle- ring of magnetism

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    Multiple questions- viscous struggle- ring of magnetism

    1. Can I use multiple copies of viscous struggle at the same time to double or triple the effect?

    2.Explain ring of magnetism action attraction? What does it mean by abilities? How does it interact with viscous struggle and lantern ring?
    ✏*Errata* Continuous. Play on a monster. Your opponent's action dice and abilities can only target that monster.

    3. Follow up from the second question now attach it to wonder girl.

    Thanks for any help.

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    If you can get more then one instance happening at the same time (so you would need to be rolling two dice or some other tricky stuff) why wouldnt it stack ... Every other BA stacks ... (Including Big Entrance to reduce the cost by 2)

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    We have previously ruled that a single game effect that triggers a different card effect multiple, simultaneous ways triggers that different card effect only once. (See ruling regarding Force Beam and Hulk in 9/22/14 FAQ). That ruling considered a single action die damaging a single character and its controller at the same time.

    That ruling may be generalized to the following rules: When a single die simultaneously triggers a card effect multiple ways, the card effect is triggered only once by that single die. However, separate dice, even if identical, are considered separate effects and each separately trigger a card effect.

    This ruling is what makes me think struggle is stackable.

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