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Thread: Aunt May vs. Archnemesis global

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    Aunt May vs. Archnemesis global

    If I have Aunt May fielded at level 1, she has a 0 attack value.

    My opponent uses the Archnemesis global: pay[shield]. Target character has D equal to its A until end of turn.

    So the question is if the Aunt May die has 0 defense would it be KOed or does she need to take damage ?
    Thanks for your help!

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    She would all kinds of be KO'd. I used this in our Spidey-Draft to pump up Vulture. It was... dirty.

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    Even better, with May, Transfer power and Arch Nemesis, you can make your opponent's attack 0, then archnemesis them! Want to KO hulk at global speed? Shields and a fielded May does the job!.

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