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Thread: where can i find places to play dice masters in new jersey?

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    where can i find places to play dice masters in new jersey?

    Dear Reserve Pool Members,

    I would like to begin by apologizing if this is the incorrect forum to have this post. I would also add that my brother and I just started playing Dice Masters, and we both think this game is wonderful. My only major concern for this game, that I have, is the lack of store or organize play for this game where I live. Both my brother and I live in New Jersey, and so far I only know of 2 stores in the state that has some kind of organize play. Unfortunately for us they're on opposite ends of the state. Of course being in New Jersey we have the added benefit of being next to both Philadelphia and New York City, but I'm really looking for some place closer to home in New Jersey (I live in New Brunswick, which is central New Jersey).

    What I'm asking is there anything I can do help start a gaming group? Are there websites other than WES that I can use to find a play group? I know the only way to keep a game alive and to gain new players is to build a gaming community. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.


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    Go to Create an account (takes like 2 minutes). Then you can go to their find events page and find places close to you.

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    Secret WES search technique. Don't search for Dice Masters events. Search for all events. Many time folks enter events without hitting the dice Masters check box and the system doesn't know to sort them as DM events.

    Having done just that myself now for new Brunswick, I did find local events relatively sparse for you, though the tiki tiki board games holds a bit weekly event it seems.

    Odly enough, Wizkids is headquartered just upstate in Hillside, NJ so perhaps you could get their support getting something going locally.

    As for doing the legwork your self, the best thing to do is ask your store owner who else is buying, and set up a time yourself to hold an event. If you get 4 folks to show up you can fire your event and folks will come in and see the game played. Seeing folks play the game causes others to be interested in what they are missing and from there it can snowball in to something more.

    The other thing is, post your events to the WKES and maybe a few folks from each direction will think it is worth getting into the game and your numbers will multiply that way.

    If your attendance dwindles, try driving to the other NJ events, and spread word of mouth about your events. DM is a big community of friendly folks, and more often than not folks are willing to travel just a bit to keep the community strong.

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    This shop holds Dice Masters events every month. The events are usually listed on WES. The two December events are past, so check back later for January events.

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    Hey Joe,
    Some places you can look at are: All Things Fun in West Berlin-weekly events
    Tiki Tiki Board Games in Woodbury-twice a month events
    Highlander Board Games in Boonton-I think twice a month?
    Comic Fusion in Flemington- just finished an event
    A Little Shop of Comics in Scotch Plains- just finished an event
    Time Warp Comics and Games in Cedar Grove- last event was in October

    So overall, while there may not be a booming Central Jersey scene at the moment, I believe that a little work can change that such as demoing the game for example, but New Jersey is by no means a dead zone for Dice Masters. Best of luck!

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    Hey Joe, I'm a NJ Dice Master player as well. A Little Shop of Comics in Flemington is really good (and they have events a lot). Mostly constructed, but they have an occasional Rainbow draft here and there. It's about a 25-30 Min drive from New Brunswick. Highlander Games is Boonton is about 45 Min away, but it is really awesome. The owner, Scott, is a dice masters fan and he has on occasion actually played in the drafts as well. They run a Dice Masters event roughly every other week. And mostly Rainbow Drafts. Also, Highlander is one of the host stores for the Wiz Kids Open in it's worth getting there just for that. I've also played in Comic Fusion...but to be honest was less than impressed with them. I've played 2 Rainbow drafts there and one constructed event and don't think I will be going back. There's no organization for the Rainbow Drafts (and no synergy since anyone can buy whatever packs they want). And some of the players there are just not my cup of tea, in that they're cocky assholes...but that's just me. Those are the 3 places I play at in NJ. Tiki Tiki Board Games is a long drive...over 90 minutes. And Time Warp comics has all but abandoned Dice Masters. If you find any other places, let me know.

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