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Thread: Turn 2 Polymoprh > 33%

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    Turn 2 Polymoprh > 33%

    Okay guys,

    I have been trying to work out a combo for getting a reliable Turn 2 BAC - Polymorph die to be rolled. Can anyone get it Turn 2 to be rolled 100% of the time?

    So far, I have worked out how to get it 33% of the time which I will explain. But, I can't see to get it with a higher % chance.

    Turn 2 Polymorph 33% of the time Overview:

    Turn 1: 4 Sidekick dice in your Bag, 4 Sidekick dice drawm
    Turn 1: Roll: You need a
    Turn 1: Spend: Using RDG spend for the Polymorph die
    Turn 1: Spend: Using prep a die from your bag using Resurrection Global
    Turn 1: End State: 3 Sidekick dice in your Bag, Polymorph and 3 Sidekick dice in your Used Pile, 1 in your reserve pool, and 1 Sidekick die in your prep area.
    Turn 1/2 (depending on whom went first): Opponent's Turn: PXG * 1
    Turn 1/2 Opponent's End State: 3 Sidekicks in your Bag, Polymorph and 2 Sidekick dice in your Used Pile, 3 Sidekick dice in your prep area.

    Turn 2: This leaves you to draw the three dice in your bag (all Sidekicks), then put the Polymoprh die and two sidekick dice in your Used Pile to draw 1 additional die out. With 3 dice in the bag, mathematically you have a 33% chance to draw the one you want.

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    40% if you use Villainous Pact / Silver Surfer global with Resurrection instead of PXG. I guess it'd have to be Surfer since you already have your 2 BAC spots. That will give you 5 sidekicks, and 40% chance of Poly.

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    Okay so prepping once with Res and once with Silver Surfer, would be drawing two dice on Turn 2.
    So while the first draw is at 20% because there were 5 dice in the bag, the second draw would be 25% if missed on the first draw. for an overall increase to 40%.

    Am I reading that right?

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    Those odds sound about right which ensures the possibility of a turn 2 Poly, but if you have polymorph plus one sidekick to switch for a character, you have four energy to spend on a character with no possibility of using blue eyes unless you get another sidekick. It would work great for a turn 2 possibility of say wasp but it's not entirely practical since you can't get something out that would affect your opponent very much. If you use resurrection turn 2 it will ensure a bag refill and that you draw polymorph, 4 SK dice, and if you use PXG once you would roll 7 dice including polymorph turn 3 100%.

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    Turn 2 SR Constantine wouldn't be bad if your opponent is going to rush with Guy Gardner their next turn. Plus, that leaves you 2 energy to ramp with.

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    To be honest I was thinking about dropping Polymorph for Monster Reborn, that way I could roll the required dye purchased on turn two. However, the issue is still the same no really great way to guarantee that I am rolling the die on turn two. And if you miss and your going second there is no guarantee that you will get a turn 3, unless you have Mera or something else to mitigate damage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by joshaber View Post
    maybe parallax
    Parallax would allow re-rolls, not drawing addtional dice.

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