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Thread: Rare Indigo-1 timing question

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    Rare Indigo-1 timing question

    Indigo-1: "Nok!"
    Card text reads "When Indigo-1 blocks, you may move an indigo tribe character from your Used Pile or Prep Area to play at level 1."

    Rulebook reads
    "After all blockers are declared, apply any effects that take place due
    to blocking or being blocked."

    Does this mean I couldn't assign the moved characture to block?

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    Correct. When "blocked" abilities resolve, such as this one, blockers have already been assigned and you can't add to them.

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    Ok. I was a little confused. I see that at times an action must be resolved until completion. Example, when fielding a characture. But this does seem to be a different case.

    Just wanted to be sure.

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    The difference here is that, her ability triggers when she blocks, but all blockers must be assigned as a single effect.

    In other words, "assign all blockers" is an effect that must resolve completely before any effects it triggers can begin to resolve.

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    Got it. Makes perfect sense. The rules can be trickey at times. And I'm the type that needs to know the rules. Yeah, I've been called a rules lawyer before

    Thanks, pk2317 and Shadowmeld

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