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Thread: Simple Global Priority Question

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    Simple Global Priority Question

    Hey all!

    Former MTG player here trying to nail down the rules of this awesome game!

    I have 1 sidekick in my used pile and 2 masks in my reserve. There is a Professor X global and Relentless global on the board. It's my opponents turn and they attack with a single sidekick. I declare no blockers. During the global actions phase I use 1 mask in my reserve to activate the Relentless global targeting the attacking sidekick putting the mask in my used pile. Then I use my second mask to activate the Professor X global to put the two sidekicks in my used pile to my prep area.

    Is this legal?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Yes, though unnessicarily complex. You could also PXG for one die, then PXG for the previous die used to pay for PXG. Relentless isn't really gaining you anything more than PXGing twice would.

    Now if you distracted that attacking SK, you could save yourself a life AND still prep 2 dice.

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