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Thread: Tournament Team need help!

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    Tournament Team need help!

    Hello, put together this Team but i am unsure about an success after early game and whats more important how to bring in some control or counters.

    Miri Riam
    Spider-Man-WallCrawler(2fist = 10 Life)

    Replacement i have in mind maybe:
    Z-Magneto for Jinzo
    Black Widow-Stinger instead of Kobolds?

    I think i am missing without Distraction some potential safety like against Unblockables or Direct Damage sources.

    But instead of Distraction i think i could also go with Relentless(faster win) or Transferpower(not so fast but good counter option too).

    They Key would be Bring in Miri Riam and Guy Gardner, as also Kobolds for more Damage and Ramp. Spiderman would be a good chance in mid game to turn the favor to my side or even in early game.

    What do you think?

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    Uncommon Storm might be better since it hits 2 dice and deals damage.

    What's your answer to LR, I don't think Jinzo quite does it.

    I don't think Polymorph helps so much givin that you have LOADS of ramp woth PXG and Kobolds. Big Entrance makes it faster or Stealth Ops / Dimension door to ensure spidey gets thru?

    Uncommon Red Dragon is better because you can pay for the breath weapon with 2 life. So if you buy and field it, you can "sneak" in that ability and still save your energy for other things like ramping more.

    I do think you're kind of caught in the middle of a GG+BE team and something else though. Maybe ditch GG and find another synergy with Spiderman, like Mary Jane: MJ to give him Overcrush and +1A. Then Miri can also go for another answer card or Spidey synergy.

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    Thanks for the Ideas. I kicked out Spider-Man because, my first idea was Silve Sable - Hero for Hire/Money . But 2 x 4 Cost just to get them as soon as possible in the used pile + 2 Fists is a little bit hard to bring out every game.

    So GuyGardner stayed in with Silver Sable(he got the Girl! ) and i think i will bring in Transfer Power to make him even stronger since his ability is a temporary one that cant be stolen.

    Also i am unsure if i really need PXG and not something different like Prismatic Spray.

    If not for action dice i would kick out Red Dragon for something cheaper. I will see and try it out.

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    Ok heres the thing, i am not sure what i can put in here as a win-condition(my Groundbase for this team).

    Injection Fairy Lily could be such a thing, she is a good Hulk trigger and getting dangerous.

    Deadpool is my backup plan if i dont get so much energy for Jinzo or Hulk and a Spotremoval too.

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