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Thread: Article: Pretending to Know Stuff Vol.5

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    Article: Pretending to Know Stuff Vol.5

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    These articles about the "meta" have been very useful to me, and your conclusions about the ultimate edge being piloting match up with my experiences. I have been beaten in a game against a deck I was sure was the weaker deck, because they were both my decks. My friend had not brought a deck, I loaned him my spare, he kicked my....knee, that's right, knee (family friendly here, right?).

    I believe I said something about this in a previous comment but it doesn't hurt to repeat good information. With RLG in the meta, my go to card is Namor Atlantean, the Uncommon from UXM, currently selling on line for about 50 cents. My local Meta (6 whole guys) remains fascinated with any "toys", expect Goblin Glider to get a work out around here. I needed a counter and most of us really started playing around UXM and there was Ol' Pointy Ears. He is only slightly weaker than the WoL Batman, and 1 point cheaper to put on the table at every level. Combine him with Cap SS and Hulk GG for a good counter base for most things. Since they are all Avengers some of the teamwork BACs are useful as well. I'm also trying to construct a deck with Cap, Namor, and Human Torch for an Invaders team deck.

    Thanks again for the updates on play nationally, it really helps add to my local game.

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    I am happy to see the guy Gardner decks doing so well. I hope people don't forget about polymorph with these decks running around. It's a great way to get something out without having to wait on drawing it!

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    2015 Canadian and 2016 US National Champion

    Akron, OH
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    Thanks for the feedback. @zeon20 , I can't wait to see your Dragons vs Guy! I agree, a varied meta is a good meta. @StrangeBrew action hate in any form is worth investigating. If you've found what you like to use and you know when to buy, field, and/or use the die as energy, you are ahead of the game. @jojodadevil I'm pumped to see the Shakespeare team. That sounds awesome and like a total rush to play (though maybe not play against!). @Zephernaut Kingpin can win, but there are strong counters. Rare Jinzo is the first that comes to mind. Still, typical games do not see multiple Jinzo purchases, and so removal may lessen the sting. @Stormyknight poly is alive and well. Don't you worry! @Jwannabe thanks! Hope you are able to take some of what others are doing back to your local scene. That's what this is all about.
    Next time, I hope to take the excellent work that @archivist is doing with the PDC data and chat about some more specific combinations from winning teams.

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    @Jthomash2 - thank you for the shout-out. Stay tuned to the PDC website - I'll be posting an article comparing the World's Top 10 cards with what's been seen in the PDC Top 10. Very interesting trends are evolving.

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    I like the article , but i would too see in far futur some niche characters, like Breaker the Magical Warrior - Mana Break , Silver Sable-Hero for hire, Maria Hill - Trained Agent

    They are real helpers, when needed and can bring the difference!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jojodadevil View Post
    I call it the Shakespeare team that won my pdc. It used two viscous struggles and stab himself until I died.
    This sounds interesting. What else was on the team?

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