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    "Non-Character Dice" are just Action Dice. They're a separate type of die from characters and actually include BAC's. The ones you include that take up your team slots and dice can be referred to as Non-Basic Actions, but that's just an arbitrary distinction based on the difference in how they are brought and the fact that some effects only interact with Basic Actions.

    Actions are used by moving them from the reserve pool. If it is a continuous die like Lantern Ring, it moves to the field; if it is not continuous, then it goes out of play until your turn ends. All actions can be used any time you could use a global ability, but action dice left in your reserve pool at the end of your turn are sent straight to the used pile.

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    Thanks for the reply!

    So, for the Lantern Ring, it gets moved to the Field, and then is in play forever? For example, the Power Ring states "Continuous: While Lantern Ring is active, all (symbols) get +1A and +1D" So if I field this it stays there forever? Can it be attacked, since it has no defense or attack numbers?

    But, the Helicarrier, Iliad, would be just a one time "Target character die you control gets +2A +2D and the Avengers icon this turn" then is in the used pile?

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    Yes, Continuous action dice stay in play until an effect removes them. They have no stats, are not a part of combat, and do not count as characters.

    Most action dice work like S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier in that they are used to activate an effect one time. Using them sends them out of play until the cleanup step during which the out of play dice are all sent to the used pile.

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    The D&D Equipment are Gear.

    Gear all have the Equip keyword which is defined on page 17 of the D&D Rulebook as:
    "Equip: When this die is fielded, and at the beginning of each turn that this die is active
    (your turn or your opponent’s), you may attach this die to a character with the
    icon immediately below their alignment icon. You may switch the attachment from one
    character to another. If the character to which this die is attached leaves the field, this
    die remains in the field, unattached. Unattached dice with equip cannot attack or block."

    This establishes how they work and is what allows them to stay in the field in the same way as the Continuous keyword allows dice like Lantern Ring or Millennium Puzzle stay on the field.

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