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    So going through all of the options of characters we have in all of the Dice Masters sets, is there a character you haven't seen yet that you really hope to see in 2016? Who is it and what do you think their card would like?

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    Alan Scott
    Quote Originally Posted by hwetzel View Post
    Night wing
    Can confirm he'll be in the next DC set.

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    I could do a laundry list of Batman villains I'd like to see (though I expect some/most will be covered in World's Finest).

    What I'd really like, though, is for them to finally finish the Fantastic Four by putting Invisible Woman in there somewhere (hey, they DID fix Guardians of the Galaxy by putting Drax in Spider-man, after all). Seriously, it bugs me that Marvel's first family is incomplete.

    As for what the card would be like, I'd think of it this way:

    3 purchase cost

    Dice: 013 014 124
    Ability: When Invisible Woman blocks, pay (mask x2). If you do, prevent all damage to Invisible Woman from attacking characters this turn.

    Another variant, more offensive, could make her unblockable (or force the opponent to pay to block her, similar to Sinestro from WoL).

    Just a thought.

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    I would love to see vandal savage. He is a pretty epic villain.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hwetzel View Post
    Night wing
    Nightwing was announced in DC: Worlds Finest coming in March

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    The Watcher or Galactus from Marvel would be awesome, probably over powered though.

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    I think sports themed sets would be awesome, so I'll go with Wayne Gretzky, Babe Ruth, Tom Brady, or Michael Jordan.

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