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Thread: Big Guns Team Build

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    Big Guns Team Build

    So this coming weekend I'll be attending an event at my store and I wanted to get your feedback on the team I've built. Here's the details on the event:

    For this event, let's let the big guys come out an play! We've done something like this before, but a slight tweak...

    This event will be constructed, not sealed.
    Life points: 25 life
    Total Basic Action Cards: 2 BACs
    Total Character and Action Cards: 8 CC/AC, at least HALF (so 4 or more) of your characters must have a purchase cost of 6 or more.
    Total dice: 20 dice in addition to normal sidekick and BAC dice.

    During the game, any character with a purchase cost of 7 or more has a discount to purchase equal to the number of non-sidekick/NPC characters you currently have fielded (minimum purchase cost is 1). For example, if you currently have a Side Kick, Toad, and Magic Sword fielded, you'd get a discount of 1 (Toad is the only non-side kick character).

    I've decided to go with this team:

    -Power Bolt

    -Batarang: Instrument of Distraction
    -Batman: Bruce Wayne of Earth
    -Beholder: Master Aberration
    -Carnage: Symbiote
    -Professor X: Powerful Telepath
    -Red Dragon: Lesser Dragon
    -Silver Sable: Hero for Hire
    -Thanos: The Mad Titan

    Here's the team so you can see the card abilities and dice:;5050-1;

    As you can see, most of the team is working together to try to control basic action dice. Hopefully this will allow me to do a lot of damage and prevent my opponent from using globals or actions (with Powerful Telepath). What do you think? Would you use this team? What would you change? What team would you build?

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