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Thread: Places to Play in West Palm Beach & Tampa FL

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    Places to Play in West Palm Beach & Tampa FL

    Hey everyone!

    I just started playing this most wonderful game about 3 weeks ago and am addicted! lol I live in the WPB area but also visit Tampa monthly, so I am looking for places in both areas that have games and stuff going on. I asked one of my local comic book stores and they said no one really plays so they do not have anything there.

    Any help is greatly appreciated!

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    HEY! We play at Critical Hit Games in St. Petersburg, literally just over the 275 bridge from Tampa almost every Sunday at 1 pm. If you aren't staying in Southern Tampa, Coliseum of Comics in North Tampa, and in Lakeland also have games going on on Saturdays.

    There are also 3-4 official constructed events comming January through March. Check the and the post about WizKids Open regionals at Coliseum of Comics in fashion square mall.

    Also if you ever need any more info, feel free to message me here.

    Oh, and welcome to the FL DM scene.

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