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Thread: The Dice Masters Scoring is TOTALLY Screwed Up on the WES

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    The Dice Masters Scoring is TOTALLY Screwed Up on the WES

    So we only had 3 people at the event. The organizer dropped a 4th person during the first round... which I don't think made a difference.

    I'm really annoyed by this, for a number of reasons. It wasn't the judge's fault or anything, I don't really know what could have been done. It's just annoying because it can't be changed after it's "finalized." I think we should've played another round, but that seems unnecessary, as we already played 2/3 rounds. I didn't even think of it at the time, I didn't think of any of this until getting home and checking what I was taking for granted was going to be a win.

    Here's the event link to the event history:

    I am Jesse - Psilocybnin

    So, first round, I play Xaml and win, with Mccaysalisbury getting the win... I notice that it says he has 2 wins, but that Xaml has 2 losses... no idea where this came from. Anyway, RestrictedNamesareBS wasn't dropped from the event (if that matters) until during the first round which mccaysalisbury had the bye in.

    Second round, I play mccay and I win, and xaml has the bye. Third round, mccay and xaml play, with mccay winning.

    For some reason, I guess it records byes as wins without points attached? That's a really annoying compromise, and this is exactly why.

    The other dude won because of his strength of schedule, because we BOTH ended up with 6 points... I just want to know where those 6 points came from, and if maybe somebody could interepret this Wizkids Event System link.

    I honestly know that there was no funny business involved, as I imagine I'd have recorded things in the same way, and they were nice enough to give me fellowship and the winning prizes, but still... it does annoy me as I like moving up on the leaderboards and whatnot.

    Anyone have any clue what happened?

    Summary: 3 players play 3 rounds, each playing each other and one having a bye each round. I win my two games, one loses both, one wins one and loses one. For some reason the person who went 1-1 was given a 2-1 record, and the 0-2 person a 3-0 record, and then 2-0 person a 3-0 record... but the 3-0 and 2-1 each only had 6 points (why did he get points for a win he didn't get and I didn't get the same points for a win I didn't get??)

    Please someone just tell me the WES is screwed up or something and they have a solution to problems like this, because it's just a real bummer getting home thinking you might see a new achievement or something and seeing the name of someone you beat, after going undefeated :-/

    No animosity to the crowd/judge/etc...; great place and people!

    Animosity to the system though, at least at the moment

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    Quote Originally Posted by SlapsterMcFlash View Post
    Now I understand why the Pro Dice Circuit does their Bye Round thing.
    What's the "Bye Round" thing?

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    What makes this especially weird is that I'm pretty sure for 4 people WES wants you to play 2 rounds, not 3.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crestfallen View Post
    What's the "Bye Round" thing?
    From the Official Event Guidelines on the PDC Webpage:

    Stores are strongly encouraged to use the WizKids Event System to run their event to ensure proper placement tiebreaking for making cuts to single elimination.

    ◾If there is an odd number of players in your event, you should add one additional player called [STORENAME]BYEROUND. Players paired against that “player” have a bye. This is required to ensure proper placement as the Event System has an error that prevents players who have a bye round from being properly awarded the points associated with a win.

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