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Thread: Anyone else find ASM drafting to be 100x better hybrid?

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    Anyone else find ASM drafting to be 100x better hybrid?

    Definitely only 2 cards from home hybrid. I also prefer to limit cards to a maximum of 3 dice, for a total of 5 maximum dice spread among the two dice brought from home. I like to do that because for hybrid, I've found that bringing 4 cards from home, and players I've talked to have seemed to almost all agree, is too much, as you can bring ramp AND a win condition, and just draft some random support.

    ASM just has such high purchase and fielding costs, that I think it's good to let people bring a couple of cards to help them ramp. I mean, someone can bring a PXG with 1 die and a Hellblazer/Guy/Tsarina/Green Goliath with 3 dice, for just a 4 maximum, but it still limits all the other support to min/max the team, and 4 total dice for someone like Tsarina or Guy. The real goal is for people to bring ramp type cards, like uncommon Red Tornado, Professor X, or whatever, but I'm not going to tell people "the card has to be specifically used for ramping," as that could be very subjective, and I don't want to get into telling people what to do, or defining how a card is able to be played... not at all.

    Still, I've definitely found, and heard from people, that bring 2 from home hybrid, with a still full 12 booster draft, is much, much better, than straight up ASM draft, as the set lacks ramp, but has lots of higher fielding and purchase costs.

    Anyone else agree, or at least think this could help solve ASM drafting if they haven't tried this, but disliked drafting ASM?

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    It definitely seems the ramp is more combat oriented in the set(black widow: stealthy as an example). I haven't got to draft it yet, but it seems BACS (spiders last Stand - though does sacrificed characters go out of play? Could you use it to sacrifice a character with an empty bag and draw and roll it again? )and Mysterio are the best answer for ramp.

    More creativity seems to be required for sure.

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    I actually think the set just kinda sucks for limited.

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