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Thread: Upcoming promo Star-Lord

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    Upcoming promo Star-Lord

    So I just looked at the Thanos Imperative OP kit that's coming out and was a bit surprised to see that the promo Star-Lord is for the uncommon Reluctant Prince, NOT the misprinted and errata'd rare Element Gun. I was sure, based on the promo Wasp with the errata'd text that came out, that Wizkids was making an attempt to get fixed cards out through OP events. I thought this a clever idea, only to find out we're getting an alternate art of one of the ones they got right.

    A little disappointed.

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    We all were, however, I see their desire to release only uncommon or commons as promos, so as to not skew the rares secondary market.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jwannabe View Post
    Agree with the first post. The secondary market should not concern the manufacturer in my opinion. But I can see shadowmelds point.
    I guess arguably it skews the primary market as well, since folks can avoid hinting down that one Star Lord rare they need. But realistically, it seems better business practice to use things like OPs to print participation erratas. Here is hoping Thrown car has it's text changed to include the phrase Overcrush.

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