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Thread: Vassal isn't reading a couple of extensions

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    Vassal isn't reading a couple of extensions

    Hello you guys. I have been an avid Dice Master fan for almost a year now. So when I found out about Vassal I super excited about getting to use the software. So I downloaded it and I seem to have a major problem. The program runs just fine, the extensions for the most part look good however for whatever reason the Justice League dice and cards don't show up. I see a picture of Batman in the cards section and a picture of an aquaman die and I see a scroller but the "list" if you will of the names of everybody to find the card I won't doesn't seem to show up. Oh and the same thing happen in the AvsXM card set but not die set. Other than that everything runs smoothly I really love using Big Entrance so It really is a pain that I can't get the cards from the set to show up. I was just curious if anybody else has had similar issues and how they fixed it. I did try deleting the extension and re-adding it manually but that didn't fix anything.

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    Sounds like the separator bar on the right side is covering the list of cards and dice up.

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