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Thread: Ultra Pro Satin Tower Deck Boxes

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    I cannot say for sure, but there are two possible ways, first it can hold 2 dice stacked together with a maximum of 40 dice or only 20 dice because the D20 is not high as two dice together.

    try to measure the cards high and the difference with the D6 dice in this picture here.

    I can say for 100% that this case holds 40 dice but is also with ~22$ the double of the price of a satin tower.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    You talking about this one?

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I've got one and I've not used it for Dice Masters recently but I think I got 100 to 120 dice into the bottom.

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    Pretty spiffy looking actually. I might try one of these after the holidays.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scum View Post
    Pretty spiffy looking actually. I might try one of these after the holidays.
    I stopped using mine because I got tired of having to dump out all the dice to get to ones on the bottom.

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    Quote Originally Posted by StrieEyes View Post
    Good morning!

    I'm looking for storage solutions for my dice and cards, and came across this box. Does anyone know how many dice master dice can fit in the bottom section? I have tried to see from pictures online but they all should D20's and such.

    Thanks in advance!

    Not to just avoid your question about that specific deck box, but have you checked out ZenBins? They're made specifically for Dice Masters.

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    So if you want you can watch the
    They are testing a lot of Deckboxes and Pagebinders etc... !

    My advice for Long Term is for Dice build your own(its cheap but needs some time and tools) or use something like a plastic box that is double sided. I got one box for 4€ ~ 4,5$ where i can store(just storage nothing more) 5 sets of dicemasters at least! You also can use GMT Counter Trays. Plano Boxes work also well.

    Now you will ask, "where should i put trays or layers of sets" well you can use Plano-Bags, with Rolls or just to carry with your arms. Some contain 4 or even 8 plano boxes. But thats pricy sometimes.

    Also i use instead of zenbins the Dragonshield Plastic 2 Piece- Boxes. Contain at least 3 full teams for you.

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    I personally love the collectors boxes and use tHem for the śtorage and extra dice go in a long card box. Cards go in a binder

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    Does the binder fit under the trays? If so that would be an awesome storage solution.

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