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Thread: Arena of the Planeswalkers

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    Arena of the Planeswalkers

    I have the first expansion slated to arrive on Monday. So thrilled to get some new units for this - and it seems this introduces a one-vs-many multiplayer variant with the Eldrazi Ruiner. Pretty awesome. And so far, loving the MSRP on this... $30 for the base game? $20 for the expansion? Totally doable.

    Anyone else still playing this great game?

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    Haven't played it yet (in the middle of moving), but I picked it up on Amazon for $18 when it was on sale a couple weeks back (paid full for the exp). Not a Magic person at all, but the game itself looked fun when I've seen it played. The exp pieces look great, especially the painted ones, but the packaging is horrifically cheap compared to the nice box the base set comes in. Hopefully I'll get some time in soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dshute View Post
    We have the base game as well but haven't played it. Also picked it up on sale for under $20 off Amazon. Expansion is on my want list. Wish there was a terrain pack for this game. I feel that's one area where this game could really shine. Unfortunately I don't have any Heroscape terrain.
    Ask and ye shall receive.

    I've ordered quite a lot of Scape terrain from this site - reliable and quick. Highly recommend them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dshute View Post
    You're the man, Dave! Thanks so much. I'm going to bookmark that for my after Christmas spree!

    Edit:couldn't wait and dropped $10 on this site. LOL
    Yeah, it's easy to accidentally spend money there.

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