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Thread: X-men for fun!

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    Nice build.. I had some X-Men team builds:

    Team 1: Come and Get Some!! (Combo)
    Beast, Genetic Expertise
    Gambit, Ace in the Hole
    Cerebro, Cybernetic Intellegence
    Marvel Girl, Humanity
    Phoenix, Redd/Jeannie
    Cyclops, If Looks Could Kill
    Storm, Wind Rider
    Prof.X, Recruit Young Mutant

    Msgic Missile

    This team is quite fun, you buy beast first, then drag them with Phoenix's global. While the opponent attack, you may raise your Life Point through Beast and Marvel Girl. Once you clear the the opponent's field (because you remove it and/or drag them all), use team work for finishing blow.

    Since you talk about fun build, I would go with this

    Team 2: (Rush-Type)
    Kitty Pride, Ariel
    Beast, Not Your Average Pretty Faces
    Scarlet Witch, Control Probability
    Storm, African Priestess
    Gambit, Le Diable Blanc
    Wolverine, Former Weapon Ten
    Cerebro, Cybernetic Intellegence
    Prof.X, Recruit Young Mutant

    Big Entrance

    Unlike the previous team, the theme of this team is to get the proper side of die thst you need. Buy Big Entramce and fill it your bag with couple of Gambit dice then put Cerebro on it. With the help of Scarlet Witch's skill, you just need a little luck to draw 2-3 dice from Gambit skill.

    Team 3: FASTBALL SPECIAL (Control type)
    Storm, Weather Witch
    Beast, Mutant 666
    Kitty Pride, Shadowcat
    Cerebro, Supercomputer
    Marvel Girl, Humanity
    Blink, Exile
    Collosus, Piotr Rasputin
    Prof.X, Recruit Young Mutant

    Polymorph/With Great Power..

    Basically, we buy Collosus ASAP and hold the enemy attacks using Shadowcat's global, Cerebro and Distraction. While you build the team-up, Storm and Blink are some protections from enemies' raid. Spin up to the highest level for finishing blow.

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